Mann Lettings South Croydon

London Borough of Croydon

In Most Expensive 20% Locally

In Most Expensive 20% Nationally

Other fees for Croydon



Minimum Fees for Two Tenants : £622

Fee Type
Fixed Amount
Per Tenant
£50.0 (per tenant).
£72.0 (fixed).
£75.0 (per tenant).
£300.0 (fixed).
£300.0 (fixed).
£24.0 (fixed).
£125.0 (fixed).
Source: (Checked: April 10, 2017, 6:41 p.m.)

To the best of our knowledge these fees were accurate at the time they were researched - but you should always consult the letting agents own fee list before making decisions. If you see something wrong? Submit a comment here.

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